How to Stand Out

When applying for a position, or after garnering an interview, perhaps the single most important thing for you to remember is: You need to stand out from the crowd! Whether it’s writing your resume or cover letter, asking the right questions in the interview or following up with a thank you note after your interview, standing out from the other applicants is what will land you your dream job. There have been a lot of tips regarding this topic. Some examples of past teachings of the right way to do things have been:

  • Putting an objective on or keeping your resume to just one page
  • Asking for the job in the interview
  • Wearing a business suit to your interview

While these are valid, they are also situational and specific to the individual. We want to showcase what you do or have done for your employer. What accomplishments have you achieved with past employers that have made them money, saved them money, or improved a process overall adding to the bottom line. That’s how you stand out. Not because you did it longer than the applicant next to you, but because you did it better than the applicant next to you. Your resume and your responses to interview questions should be tailored to focus on those results, and cite specific accomplishments that helped you stand out from the crowd. Maybe you:

  • Exceeded sales expectations by 35% annually for three years in a row in a territory that shouldn’t have had that production
  • Exceeded your customer satisfaction scores for all incoming calls for the quarter
  • Ran a CNC Mill and had a 0% scrap rate for five years running
    Had perfect attendance over the course of your employment with your current employer
  • Renegotiated a purchasing agreement thereby saving your company “X” amount of dollars

One thing in common with these examples – they are quantifiable. It’s not opinion, it’s fact with further information to back it up. That’s what will separate you from the pack. No matter what position you hold. No matter the tenure of your work. Highlight these accomplishments, and you will stand out from the pack.

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